A space for feminists of all gender, race, class, ability and sexual orientation to unite and resist all forms of oppression, here at Resistance Feminism we acknowledge that not all people struggle the same. We strive to move away from the colour-blind, humanist lens that ignores institutional racism and socio-economic statuses in order to create a model of feminism that is inclusive and intersectional.

We believe that a feminism which is not intersectional and inclusive- is useless

We steer away from a universalist, “one-size-fits-all” model of feminism that is largely fuelled by liberal, white feminism

We do not engage in monopolisation of liberty and freedom

We provide counsel for women of color suffering predominantly from hyper-sexualisation; fetishization; patholigization and exotification

We urge attention to be drawn to the feminization of poverty

We promote an adequate address of socio-economic status, globalization, capitalism when discussing feminist inclusivity

We reject insensitive and deplorable cultural appropriations of indigenous and traditional cultures of others

We work to deconstruct “purity” and “virginity” myths that ultimately serve to perpetuate a rape culture

Is there anything else we should do? 





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